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quartz logo ChatGPT: How 10 industries are experimenting with the new AI

New Zealand estate lawyer asked ChatGPT to write his will. James Peacock explained how the AI walked him through the process…

14 February 2023

business insider logo

Business Insider: How 6 Workers Are Using ChatGPT to Make Their Jobs Easier

James Peacock (After Your Time Founder), a 27-year-old estate lawyer, recently asked ChatGPT to help him write a legally binding will for himself…

12 February 2023

future lawyer

Future Lawyer: It’s A Good Thing I Am 75. ChatGPT Is Going To Put Will Drafting Lawyers Out Of Business.

AI Generated Will. Okay, maybe not soon. But, it is coming. This New Zealand lawyer has demonstrated the capabilities of AI to write a competent Will…

7 February 2023