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23 Beautiful Cremation Urns for Ashes [+ Buyer’s Guide]

Whether you’re planning a cremation or it’s already happened, choosing a beautiful urn for ashes can be tricky.

Your funeral director may have tried to sell you something, but unfortunately, their prices are usually on the (unreasonably) higher side. 

Thankfully, because of the FTC’s funeral rule that requires funeral homes to let you choose whatever urn you want, and given the relatively small size of cremation urns and the power of the internet, there are many options to choose from, all of which can be shipped to you in a day or two.

We’ve looked at hundreds of urns online to create this complete buyer’s guide for buying the best urn for ashes. 

Not only will you find a list of our hand-picked, beautiful recommendations, but we’ve also broken down all the things you need to be looking out for, including cremation urns size, price, material, quality, and design.

Our Top Pick

smartchoice urn for human ashes

SmartChoice Urn for Human Ashes

A high-quality, affordable adult urn made of aluminum alloy with multiple color options, tight-fitting lid, personalization options and thousands of 5-star reviews.

Our 10 Top-Rated Beautiful Cremation Urns for Ashes

Editor’s PicksUrnOur Rating
Our Top PickSmartChoice Urn for Human Ashes4.8/5
Best Decorative OptionMosaic Glass Cremation Urn4.8/5
Beautiful Marble Cremation UrnDeering Moments Marble Urn for Ashes4.5/5
Best Cremation Urn for BurialTruPoint Mother of Pearl Urn4.1/5
Best Wooden Urn for AshesINTAJ Handmade Rosewood Urn4.7/5
Unique Keepsake UrnM MEILINXU Brass Teadrop Keepsake Urn4.6/5
Best Eco-Friendly UrnTree of Life Eco Scattering Urn4.5/5
Top Companion UrnsNWA Urn for Two Adults4.6/5
Best Urn for Pet’s AshesKriss Art Pet Urns4.9/5
Budget PickSOULURNS Border Engraved Plate Rosewood Cremation Urn4.6/5

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick

smartchoice urn for human ashes

SmartChoice Urn for Human Ashes

A high-quality, affordable adult urn made of aluminum alloy with multiple color options, tight-fitting lid, personalization options and thousands of 5-star reviews.

If you want to hear my top pick, that would be SmartChoice Urn from SmartChoice

It is a beautiful but simple adult urn made from a highest quality aluminum alloy. There are multiple color options, all perfect for honoring your loved one.

It has thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon for its build quality (including a tight-fitting threaded lid), the fact it can be engraved and personalized, and that it comes at a super affordable price.


Best Decorative Option

Best Decorative Urn

mosaic glass cremation urn

Mosaic Glass Cremation Urn

A handmade, unique, decorative urn available in various color options.

If you want something that will look beautiful anywhere in a home, this mosaic glass option from Liliane Memorials is something special.

This is a handmade urn for ashes created with a metal alloy onto which individual colored mosaic stained glass pieces are placed by hand. This means that every single mosaic urn is unique – and also very delicate.

It is 200 cubic inches in size, so it will hold the cremated ashes for any adult weighing up to 200 lbs.

While we’ve included our favorite color option, blue, in the image above, it’s also available in many other color schemes.


Beautiful Marble Urn

Beautiful Marble Urn

deering moments marble urn for ashes

Deering Moments Marble Urn for Ashes

A cremation box made of genuine white marble, a capacity of 240 cubic inches of cremains, and many 5-star reviews for quality and finish.

Unlike many “marble urns” you will find online that are actually aluminum with a marble vinyl finish, the Deering Moments marble cremation box is made from genuine white marble. 

A luxurious but modest-looking option, this is a memorial urn capable of holding up to 240 cubic inches of cremated remains (suitable for a pre-cremation weight of 240 lbs).

Like all the other cremation urns on our list, it has tons of 5-star reviews for its quality and finish. 

The bottom of the urn is felt-lined to protect any surface it’s placed on, and the lid is secured with a threaded screw to ensure your loved one’s cremains are kept safe.

Best Cremation Urn for Burial

Best Burial Urn

trupoint mother of pearl burial urn

TruPoint Mother of Pearl Urn

A high-quality burial urn with a white & silver pearl finish and 200 cubic inch capacity.

While any urn on our list can be buried, and the TruPoint Mother of Pearl Urn doesn’t have to be buried, we do think this is an excellent option for burial. 

It is made with high-quality aluminum, has a white and silver pearl finish, and is then protected with a durable coating.

In terms of size, it comes in at 9.5 x 7 inches with a capacity of 200 cubic inches. Because of its size, it is perfect for burial plots, columbarium niches, and urn vaults. 

TruPoint also provides a premium, elegant velvet bag with this urn, which, along with the tight threaded screw-on lid, makes transport a breeze without anxiety.

Best Wood Urn for Ashes

Best Wooden Urn for Ashes

wood urn from intaj

Wood Urn from INTAJ

A unique, affordable cremation box with a “tree of life” design and claimed longevity of 150 years, available in various sizes up to 640 lbs.

This Rosewood Urn from INTAJ is truly something special.

With a beautiful handmade design and “tree of life” imagery, this is undoubtedly unlike any traditional design. I find it to be a beautiful and meaningful choice. It’s probably something I’d choose for myself.

Despite the evident care that has gone into its unique design, it is an affordable option at a good amount under $100. 

While we generally advise against wood urns due to the issue of degradation over time, INTAJ claims that as a result of the high-grade wood used and how it is treated, you can expect this urn to last for up to 150 years.

While most cremation urns on this list have capacities for humans that weighed up to 200 lbs, this urn is available in various sizes, including the largest option that can accommodate the entire cremation ashes for a person weighing up to 640 lbs!

Unique Keepsake Urn

Unique Keepsake Urn

m meilinxu brass teadrop keepsake urn

M MEILINXU Brass Teadrop Keepsake Urn

A unique teardrop design mini urn, made of high-quality brass while being small and affordable.

The teardrop design on this cremation urn is unlike anything else we’ve seen.

Made from thick, high-quality brass, the M MEILINXU handcrafted mini urn is a unique way to keep your loved one’s remains close at all times. 

Like most keepsake urns, it is a small 3.0″ H x 2.1″ L x 1.75″ W and weighs 9.8 ounces. It can hold around 3 tablespoons (or 1.5 oz) of cremated ashes.

It comes in many colors, so you could buy different varieties and share them with family members, who could all share some of the ashes.

This is an excellent option if you want something small and beautiful that won’t break the bank. 

Best Eco-Friendly Urn

Best Eco-Friendly Urn

tree of life eco scattering urn

Tree of Life Eco Scattering Urn

A low-key cremation urn. Biodegradable, affordable, and made of recyclable materials. Suitable for scattering or keeping.

YouDear Memorials’ “Tree of Life Eco Scattering Urn” is an affordable biodegradable urn designed to help you transport your loved one’s ashes to where you intend to scatter them.

If you choose the adult option, you will have 250 cubic inches of space, suitable for a person with a pre-cremation weight of 250 pounds.

Beyond looking great, this is an urn for ashes with sturdy construction and is made with 100% recyclable materials.

However, personally, I’d probably keep it as a reminder of the deceased. 

Top Companion Urns

Top Companion Urns

nwa urn for two adults

NWA Urn for Two Adults

A premium set of two adult cremation urns, made of heavy-duty brass, with a pearl-white enamel finish.

If you want to honor a duo, this premium set of two adult cremation urns from NWA is an excellent choice.

In terms of build quality, these companion urns are on another level. They are built with heavy-duty brass and have a stunning pearl-white enamel finish. They have secure screw-on lids and felt-lined bases to protect the surface they are placed on.

Like most adult cremation urns, each can individually hold up to 220 pounds of pre-cremation body weight.

What makes them stand out is that NWA offers free engraving to ensure the urn is entirely personal to your lost loved one. 

Given the craftsmanship on display, these are really great value for money.


Best Urn for Pet’s Ashes

Best Urn for Pet’s Ashes

kriss art pet urns dog

Kriss Art Pet Urns

An attractive pet urn available different animal shapes, made of top-quality resin for durability.

Kriss Art Pet Urns are attractive options if you want to give a proper resting place to your departed pet.

While only the dog-shaped urn is pictured above, Kriss Art offers several options for other pets (including cats) as well!

While it looks like it’s made of wood, this urn is made of top-quality resin to prevent cracks and fading. This also means other finishes (including marble) are available.

If you have lost a pet and you want someone unique and special, this is an extremely popular and highly recommended option. 

Best Budget Pick

Affordable Urn For Ashes

soulurns border engraved plate rosewood cremation urn

SOULURNS Border Engraved Plate Rosewood Cremation Urn

A budget-friendly, 200 cubic inch capacity, cremation or burial urn.

SOULURNS Rosewood cremation box is a perfect option if you want something great on a budget.

Designed for adults, it has dimensions of 9.5 x 6 x 5.25 inches and can hold up to 200 cubic inches of cremated ashes.

Like some of the other funeral urns on our list, it comes with a premium velvet carrying bag.

Despite its incredibly low price, this cremation urn has hundreds of positive reviews for its sturdiness, value for money, and craftsmanship. I recommend checking it out if you want something beautiful but affordable.

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Buyer’s Guide


When buying an urn for ashes, you need to consider the size.

Internal Capacity

Typically, you need around 1 cubic inch per pound the deceased weighed.

Most cremation urns marketed as “adult urns” can hold up to 200 cubic inches of ashes; this is around how much you would get out of a 200lb person.

If you need more space than that, it’s essential to check the product page of the urn you’re looking at to check its capacity. There are many options for bigger sizes, but you have to look for them. Click here to view a few of the options available on Amazon.

Mini urns are also a popular choice, especially when there are multiple people who are going to be “sharing the ashes.”

Mini urns usually come in packs of four, but they can also be bought individually (this is good for pet ashes). 

Naturally, their size will vary, but they can usually take 5 – 20 cubic inches of ashes (or around 3 tablespoons of the cremated remains).

External Dimensions

Beyond internal capacity, external size is also an important consideration. 

You want to check the dimensions of the urn you’re looking at to ensure it will fit and look good on your mantlepiece or wherever else you intend to put it.

In our experience, 6 x 6 x 10.5 inches for an adult cremation urn is a good, standard size that will work for most people and most circumstances.

If you are going to place the urn in a columbarium niche, it is essential that you choose an urn that is actually going to fit. You should discuss this with the urn manufacturer and/or your cemetery. Thankfully, most adult sizes traditional urns will fit in standard sized urn vaults.

Urn Price

At a funeral home, cremation urns usually start at around $600+. Some funeral homes may offer more budget-friendly options, but from our review of the price lists of funeral homes, it’s rare.

Buying online, the prices are significantly lower, so it’s a great way to save money (and find something more personal).

However, it’s not hard to spend just as much if you’re not careful. 

While good quality options start as low as $70 for full-sized funeral urns and $50 for keepsake urns, prices can range widely up to thousands of dollars.

So, before you start looking for an memorial urn for your deceased loved one’s remains, it may be worth setting yourself a budget. 

It’s very easy to click on more and more elaborate options until you’re yearning for something you can’t afford (and don’t need). This is a great way to avoid that.

It is important to remember that a funeral home or crematorium cannot force you to buy an urn from them. They are required to provide you with the cremated remains in suitable packaging, regardless. They cannot penalize you for making this decision, or they will be in breach of the FTC’s funeral rule.

Type, Shape, and Purpose

Next, you should consider the purpose of the urn. Are you intending to keep it at home? Bury it at a cemetery?

The purpose will guide the type of cremation urn that you ultimately purchase. If you want to put it on display, you may want something like a traditional decorative urn, but if you intend for it to be buried, a much more straightforward option will suffice.

Types and shapes of urns for cremains include:

Traditional urns

three traditional shaped metal urns

These are classic vase-shaped urns typically made of materials like marble, brass, ceramic, or wood, used for memorializing the ashes of a loved one.

Cremation boxes 

Cremation boxes drop the typical vase shape for a squared look. They are usually made of wood.

Keepsake cremation urns

Also known as mini urns, these are miniature urns designed to hold a small portion of ashes. These are popular with many families for allowing multiple family members to keep a token of their loved one close to them.

Biodegradable urns

These urns are made from biodegradable materials like bamboo or paper. They are designed to decompose quickly and leave no lasting impact on the environment if buried or otherwise disposed of. They often double up as scatter urns.

Companion urns

companion urns pair example

Companion urns, also known as double urns, are made to hold the ashes of two people or two identical urns with a shared stand, usually for a couple.

Pet urns

These urns are designed specifically to memorialize a beloved pet’s ashes, featuring many unique pet-related designs and themes.

Glass urns

As the name implies, glass urns are made of blown glass. They are typically translucent or opaque, as people don’t usually want to see the ashes from human remains on a day-to-day basis. These are naturally a very fragile type of cremation urn

Memorial plaque funeral urns

These are typically wooden cremation boxes that allow space for a personalized plaque.

Material, Design, and Color

When it comes to material, not only do you want to consider how the cremation urn looks, but you also need to think about its durability and where the urn will be used.

For example, a common sitcom trope is an urn that is dropped and smashes, sending ashes flying everywhere. If you buy a ceramic urn, this is a real possibility if you’re not careful. However, metal or wood urns will not break if dropped.

However, with a metal or wood urn, you need to consider the issue of degradation over time. Most metal urns are made from alloys that won’t rust, so these last a long time if kept well. However, you can expect wood, at a minimum, to fade in color over time.

example of wood fading over time
Example of How Wood Fades Over Time

In terms of color, you have almost unlimited options to choose from. You can go with something natural, based upon the natural color of the material you choose, or you can choose an option with color added.

With regards to design, this is a “catch-all” that incorporates shape, size, type, and color, all covered above. However, there is one other design factor to think about: Customization.

It is common for people to want their urn to be customized. This usually occurs via engraving. If this is something you want, you should ensure it’s something your chosen urn is equipped for.

Quality & Seal

Quality is an objective measure. You want an urn for ashes made from the highest quality, solid materials that will stand the test of time.

Every urn we’ve featured on this page is of good quality. However, if you buy something else, I strongly recommend reading the reviews posted by others.

The urn’s seal also falls under the quality factor. You want to be able to move or transport your urn without ashes falling out, or the urn becoming open.

Thankfully, most urns have lids that screw on – but this is something you should always check before buying. If you want to keep your loved one’s remains extra safe, you may wish to consider gluing the lid shut as well.

Do You Even Need an Urn for Ashes?

Before buying an urn, remember that putting ashes in an urn is just one of many things you can do with them. 

While there are many beautiful options to choose from, it’s worth considering alternatives that may better suit your needs.

Options worth considering include cremation jewelry and pendants, other unique keepsakes, scattering the ashes, and, my favorite, having your deceased loved one’s ashes turned into a cremation diamond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should I Buy an Urn?

The easy answer is the funeral home, but we usually advise against this due to their significant markups. Other options include Amazon, Etsy, and specialized online sellers like Urns.com.

How Long Do Human Ashes Last in an Urn?

In a high-quality urn, human ashes will last for decades, if not centuries. In all likelihood, if the urn has a good seal, the urn will deteriorate long before the ashes do. Certainly, you don’t need to worry about your deceased loved one’s ashes “expiring” in your own lifetime.

What is the Best Material for a Cremation Urn?

The most popular materials for urns for ashes are ceramic, metal alloys, and wood. Each material has its own pros and cons. Many people prefer urns made from metal because they can be engraved and personalized, they will not degrade for a very long time, they typically have good seals, and they won’t break if dropped.

How Big Should the Urn Be?

The size is ultimately up to you, but in regards to the interior you want as least 1 cubic inch of space per pound the deceased weighed when they passed away, if you want the urn to be able to store all of their ashes.

Of course, more miniature keepsake urns are an option if you intend to share the ashes with other family members.

Can You Open an Urn Once It’s Been Sealed?

Yes, all urns can be closed and opened without any special tools. However, unless you have a good reason otherwise (such as transferring the ashes to a new urn), it’s something I would advise against to ensure the longevity of the ashes and to protect them from the elements.

Should I Take the Ashes Out of the Plastic Bag?

If you choose not to buy an urn from your funeral home or crematorium, they will likely send the deceased’s ashes in a plastic bag in a cardboard box.

When moving the ashes to the urn, many people are tempted to “pour them in.” However, our advice is that you keep them in the plastic bag and place the plastic bag containing the ashes into the urn.

This adds an extra layer of protection for the ashes and will make it easier for you to transfer them to another urn in the future if that’s something you wish to do. 

13 Other Urns We Love

Trupoint Memorials Cremation Urn for Adults

trupoint memorials cremation urn for adults

The Trupoint Memorials Cremation Urn for Adults is a handcrafted urn with a Silver and Gray Dove finish that makes a beautiful tribute. 

This urn can hold ashes from human remains weighing up to 200 lbs and features a threaded screw-on lid for protection. 

With intricate details and quality craftsmanship, this urn is a great lasting reminder of a loved one.

KC Katie Small Keepsake Cremation Urn

kc katie small keepsake cremation urn

A great way to cherish your loved one’s memory, the Blue Agatha Small Keepsake Marble Urn is another beautiful mini urn choice for a small amount of ashes.

It is made from aluminum and has a scratch-resistant marble finish. 

It holds approximately 3 cubic inches of ashes and comes with a velvet drawstring bag, funnel, and care and maintenance guide. 

Considering the price, this elegant personal keepsake urn is a solid choice.

3 Piece Urn Necklace

3 pieces cremation urn necklace

While not precisely an “urn,” the 3 Pieces Cremation Urn Necklace is a beautiful way to store the ashes of and have remembrance of the memories of your loved ones. 

The package comes with three necklaces, each with a chain, funnel, and funnel pin, and available in different styles and colors. 

The necklaces are designed to hold a small amount of cremation ashes and would make a meaningful gift for family and friends.

BAMTALK Cremation Urn for Human Ashes

bamtalk cremation urn for human ashes

The BAMTALK Cremation Urn for Human Ashes is another beautifully crafted wooden memorial urn. 

Made from 100% medium-density fiberboard with a durable and elegant finish, it has a large capacity of 230 cubic inches. It features a beautiful “Tree of Life” design, symbolic of new life. 

This urn is lightweight, sturdy, and great value for money. 

AODIYA Large Cremation Urn for Adult Ashes

aodiya large cremation urn

The AODIYA Large Cremation Urn for Adult Ashes is a high-quality urn made of stainless steel. 

With a capacity of up to 220 lbs pre-cremation weight and a rose design that represents sincere love and memory, this is an excellent option for preserving the memory of a lost loved one. 

The urn also comes with a velvet bag for protection and convenience during transportation. 

MAKEY’S Wood Cremation Box

makeys wood cremation box

This modest wood cremation box from MAKEY’s is a good, simple choice, especially if you are on a budget.

It is made from Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), has an elegant cherry finish, and has a capacity of 220 cubic inches. 

Despite being made from wood, it has a waterproof coating and anti-corrosion paint, making it durable and long-lasting.

Crowne Vault Burial Urn Vault

crowne vault burial urn vault

The Crowne Vault Burial Urn Vault is a high-quality, protective burial urn.

It is made in the USA and available in three sizes. 

The vault is made of lightweight ABS polymer plastic, which is rated highly for its sturdiness and value.

This is a perfect option if you want to bury your loved one’s cremains but can’t afford to spend a ton of money.

Vimpace White Florence Urn

vimpace white florence urn

Vimpace offers this premium funeral cremation urn with a classic and elegant design.

This urn is rated for up to 200 lb and is made of high-quality aluminum. 

I’m a big fan of its tasteful white coloring and glossy finish.

Cosmic Galaxy Cremation Urn

cosmic galaxy cremation urn

This option is stunning.

The Cosmic Galaxy Cremation Urn is a unique and beautiful way to display the memory of your loved one. 

With a variety of styles available, Commemorative Creation has created a range of unique cremation containers crafted with high-quality metals and intricate detail hand engravings, making them both durable and elegant. 

Like most urns for cremated remains on this page, this urn comes with a protective velvet bag, while the urn itself has a velvet bottom. 

Athens Gold Brass Cremation Urn

athens gold brass cremation urn

The Athens Gold Brass Cremation Urn by Divinityurns is a handcrafted, affordable, and durable option for honoring the memory of a loved one. 

Made of brass with a golden finish, each urn from this brand is unique.

It holds up to 210 cubic inches of ashes, comes with a threaded lid and felt bottom, and is 10 inches high and 8 inches in diameter.

Trupoint Memorials American Flag Cremation Urn

trupoint memorials american flag cremation urn

Larger than it looks, the Trupoint Memorials Adult Cremation Urn is a timeless and beautiful tribute. Handcrafted from brass with a unique American Flag design and a durable, sturdy, and giftable option. 

This urn is available in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

My personal favorite is the brown rock option pictured above.

Ansons Urns Brown Cremation Urn

ansons urns brown cremation urn

Ansons Urns Brown Cremation Urn is unique, good quality, and suitable as a decorative or burial urn. 

Handcrafted in heavy-grade aluminum and finished with a marbled design, this urn offers an elegant and secure resting place for your loved one. 

It measures 10″ in height and 10″ in width, holding up to 300 cubic inches of ashes, and has a machined threaded bottom opening for added protection. 

Favorite Place Burial Biodegradable Urn

favorite place burial biodegradable urn

Finally, another beautiful biodegradable option, the Favorite Place Burial Biodegradable Urn is one of my favorite eco-friendly solutions to honor a deceased loved one. 

Made of clay and cotton (both biodegradable materials), it comes in various colors and designs, including “Shell on Metallic White Swirl Paper” imaged above.

The 300 cubic inch urn has a large size of 10″ L x 6.5″ W x 4″ H. 

It is suitable for water burials, scatterings, and tree of life ceremonies. 

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James Peacock
James Peacock
Hey, I'm James, the founder of After Your Time. I'm a lawyer specializing in trusts, wills, and estates. I help clients dealing with death everyday, and I hope the content on our site can do something similar for you.
James Peacock
James Peacock
Hey, I'm James, the founder of After Your Time. I'm a lawyer specializing in trusts, wills, and estates. I help clients dealing with death everyday, and I hope the content on our site can do something similar for you.

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